2017 TBA Conference

The TBA Fall Conference is on schedule for Oct. 20 & 21 at the Hyder Burks Pavilion at Tennessee Tech.  The Executive Board will meet Thursday night, October 19 at 7pm (central time).

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Download links:
2017 TBA Conference schedule (subject to change)
2017 Conference Registration Form
2017 Vendor Registration Form

Save with TBA conference vendors:
Dadant & Sons: Free delivery to the conference and 5% off pre-orders. Orders must be made by Oct 18 by calling the Frankfort office: 502-848-0000 or email cguthrie@dadant.com, mention TBA conference.
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm: Free delivery and 10% discount for pre-orders
Bon Aqua Springs: Free delivery of pre-orders. Call 931-670-6862

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Marion Ellis


Dr. Marion Ellis; University of Nebraska Research includes Problems affecting honey bee health including honey bee diseases, parasites, pests and chemical injury. Recent studies have addressed the effect of varroa mites, tracheal mites, Nosema ceranae, and various pesticides on honey bee health. Member of a team of 16 scientists funded by a USDA CAPS grant to investigate the causes of colony collapse disorder.

Dr. Leo Sharashkin


Dr. Leo Sharashkin: Founder of HorizontalHive.com and editor of Keeping Bees With a Smile, a comprehensive resource on keeping bees naturally in horizontal hives. He is contributor to American Bee Journal, The Beekeepers Quarterly (UK), and Acres USA, and speaks internationally on sustainable beekeeping, organic growing, and Earth-friendly living. He holds a PhD in Forestry from the University of Missouri and a Master’s in Natural Resources from Indiana University. Author of world-renowned research in sustainable agriculture, he lives with his wife and four children on a forest homestead in the Ozarks in southern Missouri where they raise bees in a variety of low-maintenance, easy-to-build horizontal hives.

Returning favorites include Dr. Clarence Collison, Kent Williams, Dr. John Skinner, and many others.

Friday Night Dinner:
Country Buffet – $16.50 per person

  • Fried chicken and baked ham
  • Coleslaw or tossed garden salad
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Mixed roasted vegetables
  • Mashed potatoes with white country gravy and brown gravy
  • Buttermilk biscuit
  • Chocolate layer cake and assorted large cookies
  • Assorted soft drinks, canned tea, and bottled water