TBA 2013 Honey Exchange

Bring a pint or a queen line jar of your labeled honey; register it for the exchange drawing on Saturday afternoon.

Registration – Please place your jar of honey on shelf, and fill out one slip with your name and club name and place in container.

One ticket for each jar of honey that you bring to exchange. If you bring 2 jars you will fill out 2 tickets to place in container.

On Saturday at 2:20,  and all the tickets from the entries will be drawn out one by one. When your name is called, you will select a jar of your choice from all of the entries.  This will continue until all the tickets are drawn.

To be completely fair to all who participate, if you are unable to stay until Saturday for the drawing please ask someone to attend the exchange on your behalf  and ask them to pick a jar of honey for you when your name is called.

This display of perhaps a hundred or more jars of Tennessee’s finest honey should be quite an impressive show of honey and labels – plus you bring one, you take one home! (For clarification, this exchange and display is completely separate from the annual TBA George DeBusk Honey Show. You are encouraged to participate in both the exchange and the show.