TBA Benefits for Local Associations

TN Local beekeeping clubsAs of March 14, 2015, the Tennessee Beekeepers Association had 39 affiliated associations with about 1,500 members. It only takes six local members to join the TBA for the association to be affiliated and have a seat on our board of directors. (The TBA web site lists ALL beekeeping organizations, regardless of TBA affiliation for the benefit of prospective beekeepers.)

Individual beekeepers receive the TBA newsletter and are part of a unified voice of beekeepers in the state. There are also benefits to local clubs who become affiliated with the TBA:

Hive Grant: Upon meeting the eligibility requirements, which will be set forth each year the grant is available, Tennessee Beekeepers Association local associations can participate in the hive grant program.

TBA, with the help of grant funds from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, will provide the equipment kit for two new beekeepers per club with the local associations purchasing one kit for a total of three kits per association. 2015 cost is $143.00 per kit

Short Course Grant: Local associations are eligible for $200.00 grant to help offset their short courses. Local associations must make a request for the grant by forwarding verification of having the short course. Verification can be a list of attendees, a newspaper clipping, or flier.  Request should be sent to the treasurer (Petra Mitchell) with a deadline for the request of April 30th 2015.

TBA Fall Conference Scholarship – For a new 2015 TBA Member: This is a one day $25.00 early registration funded by TBA.  One scholarship per affiliated association. This scholarship would be non-transferrable and only for early registrations. Each affiliated association would select/choose one new TBA member to receive the scholarship.  The individual’s name would be submitted to the treasurer (Petra Mitchell) to verify as a new dues paying member of TBA for 2015 to be eligible for the scholarship.

If this new member wishes to attend the two day fall conference, he/she would pay the additional $10 early registration and for any meals.

Educational Material Grant: $ 100.00 For purchase of educational materials. Must send receipt to treasurer for reimbursement. Deadline April 30th 2015.

Associations participating in all four grants can see a benefit of $611.00 from their affiliation with TBA.